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Micro-credential Pilot
Thank you for your interest , before applying read through the program details and fill out the form below.

Program Details:

Our CCEA Professional Learning Program is excited to introduce you to an amazing educational opportunity design to recognize your competency as a leader. A micro-credential recognizes a discrete skills of educators, related to their practice, based on evidence that demonstrates competency of that specific skill. Micro-credentials help educators earn recognition for the informal skills they have.

Micro-credentials also allow educators to receive quick and immediate feedback on skills they use daily in their classrooms . Educators receive validation from a team of evaluators who review the skill(s) based on a rubric of standards.

If the skill doesn't meet the expectations of the standard, educators receive feedback to improve their skills in a particular area.

There are three Micro-credential stack series: Stakeholder, Leadership and Data. Each stack is composed of 3 or 4 micro-credentials. It is estimated that each micro-credential will take between 10-15 hours of time.

Application Process:

Submission of this survey will serve as your application to this pilot. If selected, a link will be sent to you to schedule a Zoom orientation meeting. Once the pilot requirements are met, participants in the micro-credential pilot can earn 5 CU’s per successfully completed micro-credential. That means that you can earn up to 50 Contact Units if you complete all 3 micro-credential stacks.

For those selected to participate in this pilot, you will be able to complete one micro-credential stack at no charge. We simply ask that you provide us with feedback throughout the process.

As a member benefit, CCEA offers face-to-face and virtual support for all micro-credentials.

Thank you again for investing your time. We look forward to you joining our CCEA Micro-credential pilot!
Feel free to contact Mary Hernandez at or Ashley Moreno at should you have additional questions.
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