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This is a study of the Latin American Landscape Initiative LALI whose objective is to know and analyze the reality of the professionals that influence in the landscape configuration while working in urban parks and gardens from the municipalities of Latin America and the Caribbean, and from there to visualize contributions to a better future of the landscape and its management in these spaces.

The results of the study will inform on the main challenges and needs facing the landscape development and management in the public sector, as communicated by the municipal parks and gardens staff.

We request to answer a brief survey of 25 questions. There are no adequate or correct answers; we want to know your opinion about the reality of the parks and gardens of your municipality.

If you know people that work with parks and gardens of another municipality, we would greatly appreciate sending a copy of this link to them.

We wait for your comments and suggestions; if you need more information about these topics write us and we will send files. This survey is completely anonymous; we only need some personal information, as requested at the end, to correlate with the source of the answers.

Finally, we appreciate your time and participation.

Gonzalo de la Fuente de Val and Gloria Aponte

Nodo Educación
Iniciativa Latinoamérica del Paisaje (LALI)

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