Orange County Black History Month Parade Application
(All applications must be received no later than January 8th)
Parade positions are not guaranteed
(Please plan on bringing water for your group)
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HANDOUTS, CANDY OR FAVORS: If you are handing out candy or other items, it must be done by a person walking the parade route along the curb. Hand-outs must not slow down the parade. Please have all hand-outs ready; if you notice that you are falling behind the unit in front of you, stop distributing hand-outs until you have caught up again. Throwing of candy, passing out gum, water guns and water shooting devices are strictly prohibited. This is for the safety of all spectators. Please make all of your entry participants aware of this policy as it will be strictly enforced and violators will be removed from the parade route. I agree to these terms *
IDENTIFICATION SIGNS AND DECORATIONS: Identification banners or signage are required for entries in the parade. Decorative materials must be non-combustible or flame retardant. Sign to acknowledge. I agree to these terms.
PLEASE NOTE: Vehicles/drivers will not be provided for parade entries. You must have your own vehicle and driver to participate. Sign to acknowledge. I agree to these terms. *
All entries and vehicles must have signage for identification to be presented in front of entry or on vehicles so that announcers and spectators can easily see the name of each unit. Signage is the responsibility of each entrant.* Sign to acknowledge. I agree to these terms. *
Number of vehicles in entry and description:* *
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SCRIPT: In order for your entry to be recognized by the parade announcers, a script must accompany this application. (You must submit a typed out script - NO PDF's, hand written, or images of your script will be accepted. All scripts are subject to edits by OCHC for appropriateness and time.) An example form has been included for your convenience. (Please limit script to 75 words of text).* *
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Help us pronounce names in your group (type “none” if not applicable). If there are commonly mispronounced names, use this section to tell us how to pronounce them (Ex. "Her name is spelled Mahneqah. However, it sounds just like Monica.").
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(Parade instructions sent here) Name of contact person for this application *
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If selected to participate, you may be required to pay an entrance fee, provide vehicle registration and insurance and sign a consent and release form. You must agree to have read and understand these conditions, even if these may not be applicable to you. The undersigned parade participant acknowledges that submission of the application does not constitute acceptance. The undersigned parade participant acknowledges that (s)he has read, understands, and agrees to abide by all rules/guidelines governing the Orange County Black History Month Parade. The undersigned parade participant also hereby assumes all liability for and shall indemnify and hold harmless Orange County Heritage Council and the City of Anaheim from and against any loss, damage or injury, which may be sustained by any person as a result of participation in this event, and releases the Orange County Heritage Council and the City of Anaheim, it’s elected officers, agents, employees and volunteers from any and all claims for such loss, damage or injury sustained by the undersigned, as an individual or representing the named group. Photos may be taken during the parade. These photos may be used in promotional material for the City. I hereby acknowledge this photo policy. ALL EQUESTRIAN AND MOTORIZED ENTRIES MUST SUPPLY PROOF OF INSURANCE AT TIME OF APPLICATION. Submission of this application does not constitute acceptance. using the information you present, we will accept applications as needed to properly balance the parade and stay within the acceptable parade length & time. By submitting this form, you are granting OCHC, permission to email you. I have read and understand the above conditions.*
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