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Parents/Family Survey
At any point during a child or young person’s development, they may present with problems relating to a range of areas including speech, communication, cognition, learning ability, motor skills, behaviour, or general emotional wellbeing.

In North East Lincolnshire there are a range of services available to help identify and address these problems early on. In April 2018, the way to access these services were merged in to a single access route, in order to make it easier to get the help needed at the right time.

We are aware that there still could be some improvements to how services are accessed and provided. The best way to make these improvements is to hear from those who have experience of using the service.

If you or a relative/cared for child/young person has accessed support for any kind of developmental, learning, emotional or behavioural issue during 2018, we are keen to hear your thoughts and experiences.

Healthwatch is the independent consumer champion for health and social care services and has the legal powers to bring about improvements to local services. Healthwatch North East Lincolnshire will use the experiences of local people to make sure that services are delivered in the best way to meet people’s needs. Healthwatch are already working closely with those who plan and deliver local services, and have their commitment to act on the feedback received.

All information given will be totally anonymous and will in no way impact on the care you or your relative/cared for person receives.

Part 1 - About you and your Child
1) Are you the child's: *
2) How old is your child? *
Your answer
3) Is your child:
Part 2 - Identification and Initial help
4) When were concerns first identified? (approx date)
Your answer
5) What were the concerns identified?
Your answer
6) Who first identified the concerns?
7) If initial concerns were identified by someone other than yourself, where, if anywhere, were you referred to?
8) If you first identified a concern, who did you contact for initial support?
9) Were you referred to any of the following by your initial contact?
10) Were you aware of any of the following assessments being undertaken with your child at this point?
11) How informed did you feel of your child's initial assessment of needs?
12) What initial advice were you given to help your child in the home?
Your answer
13) Were you signposted to any other advice/self-help services? (e.g. Childrens Centres/Activities/Online) - Please Specify
Your answer
Part 3 - Getting further help
14) How long was it before you sought further help?
Your answer
15) Did you have a named individual to contact for further help? (Select all that apply)
16) Did you know where to go to find out what support was available?
17) Were you aware of the following universal services and did you access any of them?
Previously heard of?
Signposted to at this point?
Language through listening
Health advice drop in
Sensory rooms
Toilet training advice
Brain gym
Mini rhyme time
Out of school activities
Midi rhyme time
Baby massage
School nurse service
KOOTH online
Mental health IAG in FH
18) If you used any of the above services, how long was it before you gained access?
Your answer
Part 4 - Families First Access Point (FFAP)
19) Are you aware of the FFAP?
20) If yes, have you ever contacted the FFAP?
21) If your child has had an Early Help Assessment (EHA) please describe contact you had from the FFAP. Please include time frames and the next steps you were advised of.
Your answer
Part 5 - Early Help Assessment
If your child did not receive an EHA you can skip to part 10 of this survey
22) Who instigated the Early Help Assessment?
23) If the EHA was instigated by a professional please provide details.
Your answer
24) Which of the child's needs were still unmet?
Your answer
25) How long did it take for the EHA to be completed?
Your answer
26) Who coordinated the completion of the EHA?
Your answer
27) Please describe your experience of the EHA process.
Your answer
28) Did you experience any particular delays in the EHA being completed? Please specify
Your answer
29) Did you feel there were elements missing from the EHA process? Please specify
Your answer
30) How do you think the EHA could be improved? *
Your answer
Part 6 - Access Pathway Panel
31) Where you aware of the panel and its function?
32) Were you advised that your EHA was going to a panel? If so please state who advised you of this.
Your answer
33) How long did it take to receive a decision from the panel?
Your answer
34) Who advised you of this decision?
Your answer
35) Was the explanation for the decision clear?
36) Were the next steps following the decision clear?
37) Do you know who else was informed of the panel decision?
38) Did you know who to contact with queries or concerns about the decision? If yes - please give details.
Your answer
39) Do you have any comments about the Access Pathway Panel?
Your answer
Part 7 - Decision & Individual Support Plan
40) Please State which was the following outcome from your Access Panel decision
41) Did you have a central coordinator/contact for your package? Please Specify
Your answer
42) Was it clear what would be the next steps and how to access your designated package?
43) Were referrals made promptly? *
44) If your package involved referrals to more than one service, how manageable was it to access each service?
45) Did you feel all relevant professionals were adequately informed of the decision?
46) Would you like to share any other comments? Any issues that you encountered or any recommendations you have.
Your answer
Part 8 - Review
47) Were you advised if there would be a review?
Your answer
48) Was there a lead professional coordinating this review? Please specify
Your answer
49) Did you feel the review took place at the most appropriate time?
50) Did you feel the review adequately included all parts of the package?
51) Did you feel happy with the outcome of the review?
52) Did you know who to contact if you had any queries with the review? Please specify
Your answer
53) Did you feel that the discharge from the service(s) happened at an appropriate time?
Part 9 - Post Support
54) Were you provided with any information to support you moving forwards?
55) Were you advised of who to contact with any queries? Please specify
Your answer
56) Were you advised of what to do if your child's condition changed or deteriorated? Please specify
Your answer
57) Did you feel that services were re-accessible?
Your answer
58) Did you feel that the assessment process would require repeating?
Your answer
59) Did you feel that all parties involved in your child's well being were adequately informed of your child's current status?
60) Did you have any difficulties re-accessing support? Please specify
Your answer
61) Are there any other comments you wish to make regarding your experiences? E.g. What would good help look like to you? What improvements would you like to see? How would you like to see the pathway working?
Your answer
Part 10 - Consent and Contact Details
Healthwatch North East Lincolnshire confirms that no personally identifiable information will be used as part of the analysis or publication of our findings.
Your contact details will be kept separate from your responses and we can confirm all responses will remain anonymous.
Do you consent to your feedback forming part of our anonymised analysis of results? *
I consent to being contacted with the results of this survey and requests for further input. Please leave your contact details below (Name - Phone - Email).
Your answer
Thank you for your time
If you would like to discuss any part of this survey, please contact Healthwatch North East Lincolnshire:
Tel: 01472 361 459
Facebook @HealthwatchNEL
Twitter @HealthwatchNEL
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