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New FiA Region Interest Form
Share some information about yourself and your local area so we can get you more information to start a FiA region in your area.

In order to facilitate a launch, we need to organize women to lead 4 consecutive Saturday workouts in your region with your PAX. This takes at least two weeks to organize, so please be aware launches can't happen immediately although we make our best effort to get you timely responses. *If you are located in a region beyond reasonable driving distance from our Carolinas home base, we will discuss the launch timeline in more detail one on one.*

On the 4th week of the launch we offer a Q leadership school for one hour following your regularly scheduled workout. It is encouraged for all PAX to attend.

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Have you been to a FiA workout before? *
If so, what region and what is your FiA name?
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Potential Regional Leaders are required to attend at least one FiA workout. Based on, what region which be the easiest for you to attend?
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In order to start a new region, we need a Regional Leader who acts as the liaison with the nation. After the launch, their task is coordinating the workouts, ensuring there is a leader at each one and expansion and development within your region. Are you up for this challenge? *
If yes, tell us more about yourself and your leadership experience.
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If no, is there someone within your region you might recommend for this role? If so, please provide name and contact information.
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If you are interested in acting as a Regional Leader, do you have 20+ ladies (PAX) who are interested in participating at your regional level and 3-4 ladies interested in leading a workout? *This is your next step to launching a region*
If you are interested in acting as a Regional Leader, do you have an AO (workout location) in mind? *if yes, please name the location in "other"*
What City, State are you located in?
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What other immediate questions do you have? *
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