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Girls Inc. of Chicago SheShines Nomination Form
Girls Inc. strongly believes in the motto if she sees it, she believes it. We reinforce this by introducing girls to women that have achievements from which our girls can learn and model; women who serve as an inspiration.

Chicago is home to many women who we speak about often: Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Mellody Hobson are a few of our favorites and they have achieved world-wide recognition.

We are thrilled to have such great SheShines examples from Chicago and we need more; especially women whose work may only be known within their networks.

Please submit your nomination for a new or emerging Chicago woman who can serve as inspiration to young girls in our city.

If selected, awardees will
* Be recognized at our Annual Luncheon on October 10, 2019
* Profiled on Girls Inc. of Chicago social media sites
* Highlighted in our electronic communications
* Serve as a panelist for our March 2020 event
* Visit with our girls

********************Nominations are due by or before May 31, 2019.***********************

Frequently Asked Questions
* Can I nominate myself – No, someone who is a witness to your achievement should nominate you. Someone you have helped or inspired is the best nominator.

* Does the person need to be famous ? No, in fact we are looking to spotlight women who may only be known within their networks.

* Can I nominate my mother? Yes, but the work she does needs to be achievement based and serve as an inspiration to others.

* Can I nominate my daughter even though she may not be considered a woman? Yes, there is no age restriction on the nominee.

* Can I nominate a man? No, we are seeking women.

* Who chooses the SheShines awardees? A combination of Girls Inc. of Chicago, staff and board members will choose the final awardees.

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