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EBCE Local Sponsorship Application
East Bay Community Energy is dedicated to reinvesting a portion of our excess revenue in our communities. Complete the form below to nominate your favorite local organization for an EBCE Local Sponsorship.

The maximum award amount will be $2,500 per organization per award round, and EBCE expects to fund approximately 12 recipients per round. Funds shall be used to support a specific activity or defined program area. To see examples of our past sponsorship, visit:

Who is eligible? Applicants must be non-profit community organizations. School programs are not eligible for this sponsorship. Additional funding will be dedicated specifically to schools in the near future. EBCE will make efforts to select recipient organizations from across our service area.

What makes a strong candidate?
- Program results must directly benefit communities in EBCE’s jurisdiction
- Including an itemized cost estimate for requested funding will greatly increase your likelihood of being selected.
- Opportunity to promote your EBCE sponsorship to your constituents
- Funding areas include, but are not necessarily limited to sports, art, music, and STEM.

This community sponsorship does not support lobbying and/or political groups.

EBCE will accept applications on a rolling basis, with awards issued three times per year as follows:
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In exchange for sponsorship, EBCE asks organizations to hang a banner such as this one.
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