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Business Alliance for Protecting the Pacific Coast Membership Statement
By signing onto this statement, I indicate my business/association’s opposition to new and expanded offshore fossil fuel exploration, drilling, and production, and support for the long-term health and economic vitality of the Pacific Coast.
In stark opposition to the Pacific coast’s ongoing economic transition towards renewable energy sources, the federal government is calling to expand fossil fuel development off our coast. Executive Order 13795 directs federal agencies to encourage the exploration and production of offshore oil and gas, including on the Outer Continental Shelf. Because offshore drilling is fundamentally at odds with our coastal economy and way of life, and because our thriving businesses are reliant upon healthy ocean ecosystems, the undersigned businesses and business associations oppose any new offshore oil or gas development off California, Oregon, and Washington.

The Pacific coast economy (California’s alone is the sixth largest in the world), is inextricably tied to clean coastal waters and beaches, as well as a stable climate. The Pacific coast boasts some of the most spectacular coastal areas in the world. Residents and people from all over the world – over 150 million visitors annually – come here to fish, hike, kayak, surf, wine and dine, and enjoy our beaches. Our region’s coastal economy contributes over 650,000 jobs and $54 billion annually to the nation’s economy. Ocean-based recreation and tourism alone contribute almost $24 billion annually to the GDP, and in California provide more jobs than any other state in the country. Meanwhile, commercial and recreational fisheries on the Pacific coast are valued at billions of dollars and deliver healthy and sustainable seafood for millions of people. All of this far outweighs any potential jobs or economic gains that could ever be provided by offshore fossil fuel production.

Drilling increases the likelihood of a devastating oil spill, which can shut down fisheries, close beachside businesses, and deter campers and tourists from visiting our beautiful coastline. California, Oregon, and Washington have, in fact, taken positions to intentionally forgo any revenue from new offshore oil and gas development for over 50 years due to the unacceptably high risk, and has instead focused on developing clean renewable energy.

In 1969, Santa Barbara experienced one of the nation’s worst oil spills. During that incident, an estimated 4.2 million gallons of crude oil were spilled into the sea, impacting two hundred square miles of ocean and 35 miles of California coastline. The 1969 oil spill not only killed thousands of birds, fish, and marine mammals, but also had a devastating impact on commercial fisheries, tourism, and coastal property values. Despite the progress that has been made since then around drilling safety, Santa Barbara experienced another disastrous incident in 2015 when an offshore platform service pipeline ruptured, again exposing local marine life and communities to the negative and lasting impacts of a massive oil spill. These threats to our wildlife and way of life are unacceptable.

The Pacific coast is on a path towards clean, renewable energy that creates jobs, bolsters the economy, and protects our coastline, natural and economic resources, and marine ecosystems from the risks of oil spills. We, therefore, strongly support efforts underway at the local, state, and national level to oppose new or expanded offshore oil and gas development.
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