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Atlantic Ocean Captain Survey
Hello Captain!

Thank you for taking your time to check this out!

I'm Suz, big oceanlover and I recently arrived in the Caribbean from my third sailing trip across the Atlantic Ocean. During this trip I've seen many boat and crew seekers struggling finding their boat/crew match, myself included. I'd like to help the next round of passage makers with some tips for the search, preparation and journey, which I'll be publishing as a book. Therefore i'm doing some research amongst both captains and boat seekers. I'd love to hear from you as a captain about dealing with crew for the Atlantic Crossing.

Would you like to help and answer a few questions? If there's questions you rather not answer, no worries. Your answers will stay fully anonymous, unless you indicate otherwise. It'll take you a few minutes only.

THANK YOU for your contribution!

Ahoy! Suzanne

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Which crossing did you do?
What was your port of departure and arrival?
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What kind of boat were you sailing?
(type, length, boat name, privately owned, charter, delivery? Add any details you would like to share
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With how many persons did you cross?
How many of them are permanent?
How much did you charge / pay to crew joining for the Atlantic Ocean Crossing?
(incl. food, diesel, harbourfees)
How long did you search for crew? (both online & locally)
How did you find your crew?
Which crew website / facebook group did you use? and/or in which harbour did you find crew?
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What did/do you find most difficult in the process of finding crew?
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Have you had any problems / difficult situations with crew? If so, what?
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What skills / qualities / characteristics are you looking for when searching crew for an ocean passage?
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What do you expect from crew?
(Duties, behaviour, activities, work)
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What do you have / do to ensure safety on board?
(equipment, rules, knowledge, professional crew)
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If you have to take crew on board again for a crossing, what would you do different?
Your answer
Any tips for the preparation and/or packinglist?
Your answer
Your top tip for newby crew looking to join a boat for an Atlantic Crossing?
Your answer
What is/was your sailing plan after the Atlantic Ocean crossing(s)?
Your answer
Why did you sail across the Atlantic?
Your answer
Would you be interested in tips on how to find crew for an Atlantic Crossing?
Anything else you would like to share?
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May I quote you with first name + boat name + nationality?
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