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This is the sign-up for the larp When Androids Pray

The larp will be set up on three different occasions, December 2017, Friday 15th, Saturday 16th and Sunday the 17th, in Gothenburg.

This sign-up form is used for all three runs. If you want to be listed in the reserve list, choose that option under payment options.
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Medical information & Allergies
The food at the larp will primarily be part of the aesthetics and not intended as full meals for everyone throughout the day. We encourage everyone to bring snacks that fit into the general mood and theme. Re-label protein bars and bring them, buy some sushi and bring along or just bring a transparent plastic bag with leftovers, depending on your character's station.

ALL served food will be vegetarian and lactose free. You do not have to put these as allergies. We will NOT guarantee that everyone's preferences will be covered, but we will strive to fulfil your wishes.
What are your allergies?
Any other medical conditions we need to know about?
Safety questions
We are aware that this is a larp for a mature audience that involves many difficult themes. Therefor we want to make sure that everyone is comfortable with the other players on their run of the game. To ensure this, we have two questions designed for that purpose here.

The first one is designed so that we can see if there are players that would make others unsafe or uncomfortable to a point where we should deny them entry to the larp. The second is to know how we should divide players in cases where they are OK with someone at the larp, but does not want to play with them personally.

We are of course aware of some that we do not feel safe having at our larps, but if you think we are unaware of someone, either write their name here or contact us privately if it is sensitive that only one of us should handle the matter.

You are always welcome to contact one of the team members with concerns.
Is there someone you would not want at the larp at all, because they make you feel unsafe or uncomfortable?
Is there someone you would like to avoid playing with, in case you know they have signed up or that they might sign up?
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