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Union PTSO WINTER 2020 After School Program Registration
Please complete the following information to register your student for the WINTER 2020 PTSO After-School Programs. You can sign up a student for multiple classes on a single registration. BUT each Individual student MUST have a separate registration. (Ex. Brothers and sisters taking the same class MUST be registered separately!)

We will contact you via email with all program-related information, including confirmation of registration and class information. Please add to your contacts to receive emails.

Payments are DUE by the close of registration or your student may lose their spot on the program roster!

If you have any questions, or to reach program leaders please email

Thank You
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Before selecting the class, please note the following:
1. You may select more than one class.
2. Please register only one student at a time.
3. To learn more about class descriptions, please go to After school Programs
4. Please note classes that are restricted to certain grades/ages.
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