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Charlottesville, Ferguson, the White House. Talking about race has never been so fraught, painful, and critical. In November 2017, Somerville resident Diane Wong began producing a live radio broadcast at Somerville Media Center called “Let’s Talk about Race”, inviting folks from a variety of demographics to engage in challenging conversations about race and ethnicity in the age of Trump. Through the art of intentional dialogue, LTAR has facilitated discussion on colorism, interracial relations, police brutality, and more--providing new perspectives in a time where talking about race is more important than ever.

In order to recognize the responsibility of white males in leading the charge against racism and white supremacy we have organized a symposium for June 8th at Somerville Media Center that will invite 4 white men who consider themselves anti-racist educators, activists, organizers, and more to talk about next steps in dismantling white supremacy.

Please let us know if you will be joining us, or if you'd like to get involved with LTAR. Feel free to reach out to Diane at with any questions. Thank you!
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