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Summer Camp Application 2021
GIRL COUNSELOR SPOTS ARE FILLED!!! As a human who will supervise a girls cabin you can still apply, but will be put onto a waitlist.

We are beyond excited to begin hiring counselors for Summer Camp 2021!

To keep all campers, counselors, and staff safe, we are going to follow any and all COVID related state mandates this summer.

We are only having 9 cabins each week for 11 weeks of summer camp.

Counselor spots are VERY LIMITED this summer (only 9 each week). Applying does not guarantee you a spot at Summer Camp. If you are hired, you will hear back by June 1st at the latest.
Mortal Name (First and Last) *
Camp Name *
Phone Number for Texting (XXX-XXX-XXXX)
Email *
Age (As of June 13th, 2021) *
Gender *
This summer we are offering a Non-Gendered cabin option for campers who want to be grouped in a cabin by age and not by gender. Will you supervise a Non-Gendered cabin? *
What's your experience at Camp Tamarack? Check all that apply. *
Race and Ethnicity Tracking
Camp Tamarack is adopting a new approach to better understand who currently uses our services. We are now collecting race/ethnicity information from all customers who register for our programs. We are collecting this information so that we can track how we are doing serving the various racial and ethnic groups living in Oregon. As disclosure is voluntary, you may indicate “Prefer Not to Answer.” Although the categories listed below may not represent your full identity or use the language you prefer, for the purpose of this form, please indicate which choices below most accurately describe your ethnic and racial identity. As a reminder, disclosure is voluntary, you may indicate “Prefer Not to Answer.”
Ethnicity (check all that apply)
Please indicate any and all weeks that you are available!
We are looking to lock counselors in for 2-3 week commitments. Since we are offering 11 weeks of programming, we can offer 2-3 weeks at the beginning of the summer and 2-3 weeks towards the end of the summer, so please make sure to indicate all your availability.
Week 1: June 20th - June 25th
Clear selection
Week 2: June 27th - July 2nd
Clear selection
Week 3: July 4th - July 9th
Clear selection
Week 4: July 11th - July 16th
Clear selection
Week 5: July 18th - July 23rd
Clear selection
Week 6: July 25th - July 30th
Clear selection
Week 7: August 1st - August 6th
Clear selection
Week 8: August 8th - August 13th
Clear selection
Week 9: August 15th - August 20th
Clear selection
Week 10: August 22nd - August 27th
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Type 1 Diabetes: August 29th - Sept. 1st
Clear selection
Situational Question
Creating a positive and memorable cabin experience for your campers is key to being a successful Summer Camp Counselor at Camp Tamarack. Please take a moment to thoughtfully answer the question below.
What do you do to intentionally create a positive community within your cabin? *
GIRL COUNSELOR SPOTS ARE FILLED!!! As a human who will supervise a girls cabin you can still apply, but will be put onto a waitlist.

SUMMER CAMP APPLICATION DEADLINE: Wednesday June 1st at midnight!

Applicants will be contacted on a rolling basis from May 1st- June 1st.

Do not forget to hit SUBMIT and please double check your application to make sure it's complete.

Each summer numerous counselors apply who do not include a name or contact information on their application and they miss their opportunity to work at Summer Camp! Literally, heartbreaking!

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this application!

We are looking forward to an awesome summer!
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