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Daddy Daughter Date Night
February 7th
Cost: $10 pp (Max of $30 per family)
Father/Father figure's first and last name
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Daughter(s) First and Last Name and Grade
List all your daughter's names and grade level
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Any food allergies for the dad or daughter(s)? *
If yes, list them out. If no, simply write, "no."
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Father/father figure's phone number *
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You need to write a brief note to your daughter
As part of this event, we are asking each father/father figure to write a brief, handwritten note to their daughter(s) that expresses encouragement, affirmation, dreams, love, etc. Fathers/father figures will need to bring the note with them on the night of the event to present to their daughter(s).
I agree to write a handwritten note and bring it with me to the event *
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