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History of the CCC book project (1956-1996) by Sarah (Katsaros) Dennis
I sang with the CCC (1988-1997) and am now a parent of a CCC singer! This form will help me know how many books to print of this project I've undertaken to learn and record the fascinating history of the first 40 years of this 60-year old organization.

Disclaimer: This publication is a project solely conceived of and created by the author and is not a publication created or endorsed by the Chicago Children’s Choir.

This information will also help me begin to compile a contacts list for those interested in this project and possibly future projects to celebrate and honor the amazing staff, former boards, parents and alumni/ae, such as an Alumni/ae Yearbook, an Alumni/ae Directory, a live map with alumni/ae all over the world, etc.

None of the information provided here will be shared without your permission. This is a volunteer project I'm offering to do because I feel it's important (and I'm super undermployed and need projects to keep me busy!) :-)
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1) First Name
2) Current Last Name
3) Previous Last Name IF different from when you were in the choir
4) Your relationship to the CCC
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5) Approximately what  years were you (or have you been) affiliated with the CCC?
6) Will you be attending alumni weekend (May 26-28, 2017 in Chicago)?
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7) If you will not be, would you like to purchase a copy of the book to be shipped to you? (The cost will probably will end up being about $20 plus shipping.)
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8) In which city or town do you live?
9) In which state (or county if International) do you live?
10) In which county if International?
11) Your e-mail address if you're willing to share
12) Are you on Facebook?
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13) If so, what is your name on Facebook?
14) Do you have suggestions for future projects? If so, please share.
15) If you have favorite memories, and I wasn't able to talk with you for this book, would you like to share them here in writing, or talk with me by phone after Alumni weekend?
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