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回歸會堂聚會報名暨檢查表 Screening and Registration for in-person church attendance
謝謝您填表。提交後您將會收到一封電子郵件,內有聚會報到細節。本表只需填寫一次,請勿重複提交。若屬下類情況者,請勿填表,並請留在家透過網路參與崇拜: 1. 六十五歲以上或有基礎病史并沒有接種疫苗者, 2. 過去兩週内曾咳嗽、發燒、身體不適,或曾與有上述症狀者近距離接觸、甚或同住。
Thank you for completing this form. Please await further instructions in the response email after submitting the form. Please submit the form ONCE only, do not submit multiple times. If you belong to any one of the categories below, please do not fill out the form, and remain at home for Sunday worship. 1) Those 65 years and above or with underlying medical conditions who have not been vaccinated; 2) Those who have been feeling unwell with symptoms such as coughing and fever, or who have had contact with or who live with others with such symptoms.
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