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Automated Driving Development with MATLAB and Simulink - Public Seminar - Ankara
Konuşmacı : Paola Jaramillo
Yer : JW Marriott Otel, Ankara
Tarih :19 Haziran 2019 Çarşamba
Saat :14.00 – 17.00

14:00 Round of Introductions
14:10 Introduction to Sensor Fusion with focus in Aerospace/Defense applications
• Case studies from the Industry
• Common development workflow from data collection to code generation
• Localization, target tracking and close-loop multifunction radar
14:45 What’s new in Automated Driving with MATLAB and Simulink (17b to 19a)
15:00 Closed Loop Design of an ADAS feature in MATLAB and Simulink

• Real-world data vs. virtual-scenario design with sensor simulation
• Sensor fusion and tracking to improve object detection
• Interfacing perception from sensors with vehicle actuators

15:45 Break
16:00 Improving Perception Systems with Artificial Intelligence (AI):
• Object classification from Vision, Radar and LiDAR data
• Leveraging High-Performance Computing for training AI models
• Code generation for embedded targets
16:45 Q&A
• Collect requirements for sensor localization and sensor redundancy

Product Focus: MATLAB and Simulink
• Automated Driving Toolbox
• Computer Vision Toolbox
• Deep Learning toolbox
• Sensor Fusion and Tracking Toolbox
• Model Predictive Control Toolbox

Why attend
• Learn from live demonstrations
• Hear how other customers have used MathWorks tools to benefit from the latest trends
• Address the challenges of developing complex automotive applications with an integrated tool chain
• Design and test driver assistance systems using Sensor Fusion and Model-Predictive Control

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