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Sealaska Heritage First Friday Artist Vendor Registration
Dear Artist,

Thank you for taking the time to register to be a First Friday Artist at the Walter Soboleff Building during First Fridays.

We are excited to introduce regular opportunities for artists to demonstrate and sell their work in our building during First Fridays. We are right in the heart of this monthly event and expect a good stream of visitors coming through.

We are aiming to fill at least 2 artist vendor tables in our lobby each First Friday, and we are specifically looking for artists that, as well as selling their art, can demonstrate their work by e.g. beading, weaving, carving, or engraving on location.

The First Friday event will be open to the public 4:30 - 8 pm. Vendors will start to set up at 3:30 pm.
We expect all vendors to have their table/work space set up by 4:30 pm and to break it down no later than 7:45 pm.

Our usual entry fee of $5 for our Exhibit/Clan House admissions is waived during First Friday events, and we aim to have performing arts experiences happening in the Clan House during each First Friday.

As we receive feedback from you and our visitors we may adjust how we are doing this. We are in the beginning phase and still learning how we can make this the best possible experience for everyone. Thank you for working with us to make the Sealaska Heritage First Friday events successful. Please note that by filling out this application, this is not a guaranteed spot. You will be notified weather or not you were chosen one week before the event, if not sooner. But will strive to schedule 3 months in advanced, as to better promote our featured artists.


1) Vendor space will generally be given on a first come first serve basis. However, we do wish to give as many artists as possible the opportunity to take advantage of this, so if we are maxed out on space we may give preference to a newcomer and ask a repeat artist to wait a turn. As much as possible we will confirm your vendor space 3 weeks at a time to allow you to plan and get ready for your First Friday appearances.

2) Once your dates are confirmed, we expect you to show up on these dates, or that you give us at least 7 days notice if you are not going to be able to attend. Relying on your participation allows us to include your name/business name in our First Friday announcements to news and social media. Your due notice allows us to find a replacement, which will keep the event enjoyable and successful for the participants.

**Registered vendors who do not show up without having given prior notice will be removed from future signups **

3) All artwork to be sold at each table must be artwork/products made by the artist registered to that table unless prior arrangements have been made due to special conditions. No manufactured items that have not been approved of prior to the event will be allowed to be sold.


1) There is absolutely no food or drink allowed in the Clan House / Exhibit
2) The second floor is off limits
3) There are no public restrooms (Participating artists ONLY may use second floor bathroom)
4) If you have children, please arrange for childcare or keep them at your side at all times


There is NO commission for First Friday Artists. However, commission still applies to items already arranged to be sold through the Sealaska Heritage Store.

Artists make sales directly to the customers. Make sure to bring change. We also strongly recommend having a credit card charge option if possible as this generally improves sales.

To help make your appearance successful we recommend you bring your business card for your contact information and information on how people can commission work from you. A poster with some information about yourself and your artwork is also recommended.  


In accordance with the Indian Arts and Crafts Act, Sealaska Heritage recognizes the following as eligible to participate:

* Alaska Natives who are defined as “Native” under the Alaska Native Settlement Act, 443 U.S.C.A. 1602(b) enrolled to Sealaska Corporation; or
* Descendants of Alaska Natives enrolled to Sealaska Corporation, whether they own Sealaska Corporation stock or not: or
* Alaska Natives and Native Americans who are members of an ANCSA corporation or Indian Tribe or who are certified as an Indian Artisan by an Indian Tribe.

In addition, artists will be subject to criminal background checks prior to date of event.

If you should have any questions or need further assistance, please contact Selina Finley at or (907) 586-9162.

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ARTIST VENDOR WAIVER, RELEASE AND CERTIFICATION:  * I agree to hold Sealaska Heritage Institute, its employees, officers, and volunteers harmless from any and all claims I might have for personal injury or damages to or loss of my property while participating in the Sealaska Heritage First Friday events.    * I agree to comply with applicable federal, state, local and tribal laws and tax codes.    * I agree to comply with Southeast Alaska Native traditional laws in respecting clan ownership of crests, names, songs and other such cultural and intellectual property of clans.    * I certify that I am a Native Shareholder/Descendant of Sealaska or a tribal member and have enclosed a copy of documents to verify membership.    * I agree to sell only Native art and I certify that I am the original artist of all work to be sold or displayed during First Fridays.     * I authorize the use of my name, photos and video taken at the event, biography, and address for educational, promotional, or cultural purposes or public requests for names of artists. *
By Checking the box, you understand that violation of these rules will result in immediate removal without refund of fee and that I may not be allowed to participate in the Native Artist Market.
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