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Piedmont Hills High School
2017 Summer School Application
Summer School Dates
June 8 - July 13, 2017

*Enrollment: Priority will be given to upper-classmen that meet the deadline, and need the course for graduation. Enrichment opportunities will only be available if space permits. We may not be able to satisfy all requests.

First Name (legal name)
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PHHS Student ID
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ESUHSD Email Address (ending in - Please watch this account carefully as important summer school information will be sent to your account.
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Phone Number
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Mailing Address: Number and Street Name Only (Example: 1377 Piedmont Road)
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Graduating Class
3rd period Room Number & Teacher's Name (Do not guess; this is where your confirmation will be delivered.) Example: D-28 Mr. Dries
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1st Semester Course Request
Is your 1st semester choice Repeat or Enrichment?
2nd Semester Course Request (Note: If you need a full, yearlong, course, this answer will be the same as your answer above)
Is your 2nd semester choice Repeat or Enrichment?
If you selected Cyber High, which course(s) do you need to complete? (Check all that apply). A=1st Semester B=2nd Semester
If you do not receive your first choice, which ALTERNATE course would you like to take?
If you selected Cyber High as your ALTERNATE, which course(s) do you need to complete? (Check all that apply) A=1st Semester B=2nd Semester
Do you belong to any of the groups below? (Check all that apply)
I have discussed summer school with my PARENT and have their PERMISSION to apply.
I have reviewed the summer school dates with my parent and will be PRESENT for the DURATION OF THE COURSE.
I am a CURRENT Piedmont Hills High student.
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