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2020暑期SAT班报名表(waiting list)
2020暑期SAT报名表,详情请见。Please read detailed info before you register.
这个SAT班,是为即将参加SAT考试的11th 和12th 学生举办的,不建议其他学生参加。This SAT class is for rising 11th and 12th students who is going to take SAT soon.

注: 现SAT班已经满员,6/13以后报名的将被加入waiting list.
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学生姓名(中英文)Student's Name *
2020 秋季上几年级?Rising grade by Sept. 2020 *
学生电话Student's Phone Number
是否是中文学校学生?Are you enrolled in CHHCS? *
家长/监护人 1 姓名(中文和英文)Parent/Guardian Name *
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家长/监护人电话 2 Parent/Guardian's Phone Number
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我同意上述学生参加樱桃山华夏中文学校2020 暑期SAT班。我已知晓并同意学校的规章制度。I enroll the applicant as named above to attend and participate all the activities at CHHCS 2020 SAT Summer Class. I’ve read and agree to the Terms and Conditions set by the school.
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