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2016-2017 Parent/Guardian Needs Assessment - San Bruno Park School District
I have children that attend the following school(s). Check all that apply. *
I like the school(s) my child attends. *
If No Why? Please explain
Parental/Guardian suggestions and involvement are valued at my childs school(s). *
This school does a good job keeping my family informed about what is going on in school. *
I receive most of my school information from...Check all that apply. *
I am aware of school discipline policies, school rules, and behavioral expectations. *
Teachers, staff, and administrators do a good job of supervising the school and grounds. *
If no why? Please explain
I feel I can communicate with my child's teacher regarding a problem and that we can work together to resolve it. *
I believe a school focus on College and Career Readiness is important. *
This school focuses on academics and personal development. *
This school provides adequate resources for UNDER achieving students *
This school provides adequate resources for HIGH achieving students. *
The curriculum offered to students is challenging and creative *
The school's instructional program supports my child's academic needs. *
My child can complete their homework within a reasonable amount of time and with little assistance from me. *
My child's homework is meaningful and supports the classroom instruction. *
How well does your school consider the individual needs of students? *
How safe does your child feel at school? *
How responsive is the School Administration to your concerns? *
How quickly do teachers at your school respond to questions from parents/guardians? *
How respectful are teachers and staff to students? *
How respectful are students to teachers and staff? *
This school is well maintained. *
This school is clean. *
If you marked "No" to "This school is clean", what specific area(s) need attention?
There is an adult at this school that my children feel they can talk to when they have a problem. *
What are the strengths of your school?
Anything else you would like us to know.
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