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AAfCW Species Report Form
Observations for AMOY, PIPL, COTE, and LETE for the 2018 season.
Species observed
Please do only one species at a time per report. Additional species present that don't require detailed information (example: 23 Sanderlings) can be entered into the comments section at the end.
Number of Observers *
How many observers were present for this survey? (Please only use numbers: "2" not "two".)
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Observer name(s) *
What is the name of each observer on this survey?
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Position/type of information *
Are you a volunteer, staff, or reporting anecdotal information?
Date/Time of Survey *
Add the time the survey began, and in the next field the length of survey.
Time spent on survey *
Tide level *
Was it high, medium, or low tide at the time of survey?
Location of Survey *
If not listed here, answer in next field.
Location of Survey
If "Other" above.
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Detailed Location
If you wish to provide more information on the location, enter it here. Example: Section 4 of Long Beach.
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GPS Coordinates
If available
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Pairs of birds
How many pairs of birds did you see? (A pair is determined as either being seen nesting together, or exhibiting pairing behaviors)
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Individual adults
How many individual adult birds (not-paired) did you see? (Do not include birds counted as pairs.)
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Number of nests
How many nests of the species did you observe?
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Sexes of adults recorded above
Example: One pair would be "1M 1F" for one male and one female. An individual or unkown sex is "1U" for unknown.
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How many hatchlings were present?
Chicks at the "hatchling" stage only
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How many fledglings were present?
Chicks at the fledgling stage only
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How many juveniles were present?
Birds at the "juvenile" stage only
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Nest failure?
Please describe any evidence and location of a failed nest
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How many people did you talk to at the site about the birds/conservation?
Beachgoers, boaters, etc.
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Additional comments/notes including other notable birds or information
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Statement of Volunteer Hours *
By checking this box, you agree to only report these volunteer hours to AAfCW, and that they will not be used for any other organization's volunteer hour requirements.
Electronic Signature *
By checking the box below, you hereby agree that all of the data in this form (including hours spent surveying, location, and birds observed) is accurate and true, and that you allow AAfCW to report these observations and hours.
Electronic Signature *
Please type your name to electronically sign this form.
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What was the temperature when you monitored? (optional)
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Please indicate the wind speed code. (optional)
How cloudy was it? (optional)
How much wrack did you see? (optional)
Wrack includes sea weed, shells, small pieces of wood, and garbage washed up by tides.
How much human activity did you notice (optional)
How much garbage did you see? (optional)
While coming and going, did you spend any money in the town where you monitor? If so how much? (optional)
This information helps us understand the economic benifit to towns where birds reside.
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