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Woods Flock 2023: To the Hundred Acre Wood Pre-Registration
PLEASE NOTE: Filling out this form is not a guarantee of registration. We have limited capacity and each form is reviewed and sent an invoice until capacity is reached; once the invoice is paid, you are registered. This registration includes access to the entire event. Some activities may be limited to a certain number of attendees or require signing up in advance. Please consult the schedule when it is released and be sure to respond to any applicable follow-up surveys. EARLIEST Bird registration ends Oct 31st; Early Bird reg ends Jan 23rd; weekend pre-registration closes March 3rd  - these dates are if we do not reach capacity first. On-site registration may be allowed providing we have space, but meals and certain other perks will no longer be available.

Date: March 24th-26th, 2023
Location: Fall Creek Falls State Park, Tennessee (USA)
Any questions may be directed to

Our event is non-refundable, however you may request to transfer your membership or lodging reservation to another person. We will refund minus fees if there is a waiting list, at our discretion. Woods Flock retains the right to refuse or revoke access to the event for any reason, particularly the safety & well-being of all participants. By registering, you agree to abide by our Code of Conduct (

The information you provide will only be used to contact you in relation to your registration.  

We are limiting our registration to partial capacity in the lodge bunks in order to reduce the chance of spreading illness. Handwashing stations and hand sanitizer will be readily accessible and commonly used surfaces wiped down frequently.

Masks are recommended to be worn inside the Roost, which includes the Market on the upper level and game area/lounge/registration/meal service on the lower level.  The exception is during mealtimes, while seated. This policy may be reviewed at the time of the event based on CDC recommendations. While we do not require vaccination we do hope that those who can are vaccinated. Thank you for helping make our event safer for everyone.  
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IF you are you interested in selling art or handmade goods at the indoor market
A separate registration/application form is used for the Makers Market, which is curated; please do not fill out this form, contact if interested.
EARLIEST Bird Registration from September 2nd-Oct31st, Early Bird until Jan 23rd
Earliest Bird camper reg is $35, Early Bird is $45, and increases to $60 after Jan 23rd. However, any campers staying at a pre-reg'd host campsite are eligible for the $45 price up to the con (please note, due to production timelines, anyone who signs up as a Sponsor or higher may not be able to get the shirt they want in their size, and engraved gifts will not be available after Early Bird ends).
Personal/Contact Info
Legal Name *
As it appears on a legal photo ID. You will need this with you to pick up your badge/check in at the event.
Badge Name *
Name you are known in the community or wish to be called by, which will be displayed on your badge
Date of Birth *
Email *
Please use your paypal email if that is your preferred payment method
Your Phone #
Note: this will only be used if necessary to contact you in a time-sensitive situation.
Emergency Contact *
Who we should contact if something happens to you
Emergency Phone # *
A valid phone # for your emergency contact
Attendance Info
Method of Payment *
You will receive an invoice with your total due that must be paid before your registration is confirmed. Due date is pre-registration closure, March 3rd (Jan 3rd for EB).
Registration Level *
Camper level includes a badge for weekend access of all 3 days. Sponsors additionally receive a shirt, conbook & social media mentions, and priority lodging or camping spot choice + panel/meal entry. Super Sponsors get all that plus priority in limited panels, a special brunch with the GoH, and an engraved, handmade gift by PawTory Works. NEW FOR 2023: Super Sponsors will have the option to check in Thursday night (with the understanding that we will still be setting up).
Desired Lodging Type *
Lodge space is adults only* and extremely limited. If you are  part of a small group wanting to stay in the lodge, contact  to inquire about sharing a bay of bunks (4 beds) or multiple bays that share an aisle. *Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis for children to stay in the quiet dormitory w their parent; they will NOT be allowed access to the dormitory without their parent
If you are a HOST, how many people INCLUDING yourself will be staying at your site?
If you're not sure at this time, just put an estimate and this can be updated later. NOTE: each on-site tent spot will only get one reserved parking spot!
Clear selection
If you are bringing children, how many in each age group?
Note: if you are bringing children you will be sent a separate registration form for them and must sign additional waivers.  12 and under are free, 13-17 are 1/2 price.
12 and under
If you are staying with someone please put your host's legal name; OR, if you are hosting, please list the names of those who will be staying with you.
If you are a host but don't know who all will be staying with you yet, this can be edited in the future as the people who are staying with you are registered.
Meal Plan *
PLEASE NOTE: After review and feedback from our first WF, the cost of the meal plan has gone up, and it will go up an additional $10 if adding after Early Bird closes. Meal Plan attendees will have a designation on their badge. There  is a cap on the number we can accommodate on the meal plan, so once capacity is reached it will close. The meal plan provides breakfast, a sack lunch, and a hot dinner each day (3 days, Friday will have breakfast snacks only). You will receive a follow-up survey to designate your meal choices.  The menu is currently under revisal, but you can get an idea here:
If you would like a double portioned meal plan, check the box below.
Dietary restrictions or Allergies? *
Do you need any special accommodations?
You can leave blank if none. Use this space to specify if you need a bottom bunk or any other reasonable accommodation we can provide, particularly for disabilities.
If you are interested in volunteering or hosting a panel, applications will open at a later date.
Where are you coming from?
Optional, but this will help us develop a guide to other places of interest to stop on your way to Woods Flock!
Any other questions/comments/concerns?
If you received a discount code, type it here.
We require all attendees to sign a waiver before registering. Please read the waiver, then sign below
Waiver of Liability
I am requesting to be allowed to attend and participate in the Woods Flock-branded events, sponsored by Woods Flock, LLC ("the organizer"). Woods Flock is intended to involve camping and other outdoor activities, which may include participating in potentially strenuous or dangerous physical activities, such as boating without an official lifeguard on watch, walking on uneven ground with trip hazards, and being exposed to heat, cold, and inclement weather. I also understand that I or my fellow participants may initiate or organize activities during Woods Flock that have not been vetted or approved by the organizer, and that this waiver and release of liability also covers such unsanctioned activities. I am aware that the Woods Flock events, in which I desire to participate, can be of an extremely strenuous nature that can/may exceed the limits of my physical abilities. I understand that my attendance at or participation in Woods Flock, or any activities related to or contemporaneous with Woods Flock (whether or not organized, sanctioned or vetted by the organizer) is expressly conditioned upon my execution and agreement with this Waiver and Release of Liability (this “Agreement”).

Express assumption of risk. I, the undersigned, recognize and understand that the programs, classes, and activities in which I may choose to participate during Woods Flock are not without varying degrees of risk of physical harm, which may include, but are not limited to the following: muscle soreness; minor aches and pains; tiredness; stiff joints and muscles; tearing of muscles, ligaments, and/or tissue, bone tearing or breakage, serious bodily injury or death. I also understand that injuries or damage may occur due to negligence on the part of myself, the Woods Flock staff, or other people around me.
I willingly and voluntarily assume full responsibility for the risks that I am exposing myself to and accept full responsibility for any injury or death that may result from participation in any activity while attending Woods Flock.

Release: In consideration of the above mentioned risks and hazards and in consideration of the fact that I am willingly and voluntarily participating in Woods Flock and any related or contemporaneous activities, I, the undersigned hereby release the organizer, and its director, staff, sponsors, and volunteers (collectively, the “Woods Flock Personnel”) from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions or rights of action, which are related to, arise out of, or are in any way connected with my participation in or attendance at Woods Flock, including those allegedly attributed to the negligent acts or omissions of the Releasees.

This Agreement shall be binding upon me, my successors, representatives, heirs, executors, assigns, or transferees. If any portion of this Agreement is held invalid, I agree that the remainder of the Agreement shall remain in full legal force and effect. I also give full permission for any person connected with Woods Flock to administer first aid deemed necessary, and in case of serious illness or injury, I give permission to call for medical and or surgical care deemed necessary and to transport me to a medical facility deemed necessary for my well-being.

Indemnification & Costs: I recognize that there is risk involved in the types of activities offered or that may occur at Woods Flock. Therefore I accept financial responsibility for any injury that I may cause either to myself or to any other participant due to my negligence or misconduct. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Woods Flock Personnel from any liability relating to or arising out of my participation in or attendance at Woods Flock, including for the injury or death of any person(s) and damage to property that may result from my negligent or intentional act or failure to act.
If any person or entity, or anyone acting on their behalf, reasonably incur attorney’s fees and/or other costs in connection with enforcing this Agreement, I agree to reimburse them for such fees and costs.

I have read and understood the foregoing assumption of risk, waiver, and release of liability and I understand that by signing this Agreement it obligates me to indemnify certain people in certain situations and that I am waiving valuable legal rights.

Electronic Signature *
Your name again, exactly as it appears on your photo ID
I have read and agree to both the Code of Conduct, and the liability waiver above.   *
Code of Conduct:
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