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VShow Idea form
This is for those who are interested in serving at the CFC's VShow. (March 3, Saturday)
The purpose of the VShow is the redeem the arts to show and share the love of God to our campus and community.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email,

Jan 23 - Fill out the form with the idea
Jan 25 thurs 915pm meeting for those interested (Location TBA)
Feb 1 first screening (must be able to show your act, a rough draft)

The purpose of the "screening" is to discern which act will serve the purpose of CFC's VShow. We can only have 5-7 acts so we want variety as well as acts who can with excellence, picture the Gospel or biblical themes to a group of 800+ audience members from all walks of life and faith.

However, not all acts need to have a serious message. We are open to "fillers" that can be entertaining with a positive or comedic or simple message. In the flow of VShow, these fillers are helpful for various audiences that may come.

Types of acts?
1) We are looking for 1-3 singing acts, but it must not just be a cover but a creative rendition of it.
2) We want 1-2 skits/dramas, one could be more light hearted, but we want one that is focused on the Gospel, who Jesus is.
3) Anyone with an entertaining skill that can be redeemed. We had someone do the chinese yo-yo, spoken word, harp, etc.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email,

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