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Pitch Catch Acrobatic Application Form, Fall 2018
Fall 2018
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Please provide details of any movement, athletic or circus training you have previously had. Include regularity and intensity.
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Please tell us about your schooling, both traditional and non-traditional. Include relevant workshops, intensives and private courses.
About your tricks *
What tricks are you currently working on?
What advanced moves do you feel solid and comfortable with?
What tricks would you like to learn or improve while at Pitch Catch?
Have you ever performed acrobatics professionally or as an amateur? *
If so, please provide details of your experience.
What are your goals and expectations for this course? *
What do you hope to accomplish, in what way do you see Pitch Catch helping you to attain these goals?
About You
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Tell us about you!
Your abilities *
What are your greatest strengths, both as an acrobat and an individual?
About you *
What are your weaknesses, in training and personally?
Video Submission
Link the video section of your application here. *
Please refer to the video criteria and paste the link of your video application in the space below. If you already have a training or performance video that showcases your skills you may use that.
Medical History
Do you have any injuries, past or present, that may effect your training? *
Do you have any medical illnesses we should be aware of? *
Are you currently taking any long-term or semi-permanent medication? *
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Have you ever had an epileptic seizure? *
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