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Co-Worker Training 14 September 2019
Hayfields Lutheran Church Pietermaritzburg, c/o Bester Rd and Milary Lane

Option 1: Lutheran Theology 2 - Pastor Martin Büttner:
We call ourselves a "Lutheran" Church: Apart from the obvious reference to our founder, Martin Luther, what does that actually mean? In this module we will explore some of the distinctive theology that define us as a Lutheran Church. We will look at both the historical origins of Lutheran Theology and its practical implications for our ministry today. As an "advanced level" course, some basic knowledge of the person of Martin Luther and a broad outline of the history of the Reformation are expected from persons attending this course, either by having attended the Lutheran Theology 1 module, or by reading a short introductory text. The text will be provided to those who sign up to the course.

Option 2: Homiletics 1 The Art of Preaching - The Sermon and the Service - Pastor Udo lütge
Preaching is an art. A Sermon should be carefully crafted...and so should the elements of the Service that surround it. We will be exploring concepts of Ritual Theory to learn how to create a space in which people can be moved and how to speak into that space effectively. Join us for this exciting course and discover useful insights into the art that lies at the heart of the Church and its proclamation of the good news of Jesus Christ.

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