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Housing and Employment for Newly-Arriving Refugees
When refugees first arrive in this country, they have no credit history and no employment, making landlords hesitant to rent to them. Assistance in locating housing and/or jobs is really the fundamental way to help them succeed.

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Leads for affordable apartments anywhere in the Bay Area would be very helpful, especially ones with landlords who would not require a credit history and who would be understanding that these tenants are only now starting to look for work. Please let us know if you have a lead for long-term housing  (preferably with details about the housing type, location, and contact information) here.
The expectation is that refugees will begin working and be able to pay their own rent within a period of a few months, but in this initial phase, it is often essential to have a co-signer with good credit history in order to secure housing. Co-signers are typically required to have a high credit score and proof that they can afford their own personal expenses plus the housing they are co-signing for as required by the landlord.  There is definitely risk involved, but sharing our resources with our Muslim brothers and sisters in need harkens to the early days of Medina - when the Ansaar (locals in Yathrib) helped secure housing for the Muhajireen (immigrants from Mecca).  
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Due to government regulations, refugees cannot be placed by resettlement agencies in housing with people of the opposite gender, even on a temporary basis. This requirement, while understandable, is making it difficult to find short-term shelter for single males. If you have a lead for temporary housing for single males in which there are no women or girls residing, please explain here. Please include whether or not there would be kitchen access, a private bathroom and/or private entry.
Entry level job leads would be very valuable for refugees trying to establish themselves. Some of those arriving are fluent in English, and others only speak Pashto or Dari. If you have a lead for employment, please explain here, including location, job requirements, hours, and pay if known.
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