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Wallstreet'18 is an offline stock marketing event, wherein the participants have to be adroit in trading stocks with the sole objective of maximizing their profits in accordance with the market index by the closing bell of our stock market.

Participation - one or two participants (preferably two)
Rounds -2
Duration - up to 45 minutes each
A 15 minute break after each round

This time, wallstreet will be conducted in the traditional way i.e. it will be offline. There will be a total of ten companies for equity trading. There will be stock brokers to whom participants can tell if they have to buy/sell the stocks. hey will also help to find respective buyer and seller for the team”s stock order. Each team will be provided with some proxy cash and a passbook having all transaction information of stocks for that particular team. The transaction book will be verified in particular intervals of time. At the middle of the arena, there will be a projector where the news will be displayed for predicting stock values.
At the end, the team having maximum money in their portfolio wins!

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Date: 17th February 2018
Time: 10 am onwards
Venue: VJTI, Matunga

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