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Senior Survey 2018
Class President Alexis Pardue would like for you to answer this short survey. Everyone's input is needed, so please be open and honest with the choices you make. Please indicate your preferences on the questions listed below. A meeting about these will be held and decisions will be made based on your input. More information will be shared on Friday- please listen to the morning announcements for all the details.
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Do you want a senior sign painted for all the members of our class to sign? Examples are hanging in the hallway between the cafeteria and the new gym lobby. The cost is $75 which the class has funding to cover. *
Do you feel that leaving a class gift to the school is important (something that has your graduating class year on it) Examples: Picnic tables, benches, outdoor beautification to the campus OR a Senior Scholarship to help send students to college, etc... This would be something that will bear your class year for many years to come. *
If we left a school gift, it might cost between $800- $1000. What would be your choice of the items listed? Funding for this is under consideration. *
If you have an idea for a school gift, other than those above that would cost about $800-$1000, please leave that feedback below:
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Would you attend a senior outing if one was held? *
What type of senior function would you support? *
If the senior function were to cost, what price range would be acceptable? *
At a senior function, do you feel that others should/could attend? Example: Parents, friends, teachers *
If the options above are not desirable, please make suggestions to what kind of event, if any, you wish to attend.
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Will you attend the Baccalaureate Service on May 27th at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church? *
Will you attend Prom on May 5th at the Stone Center? *
Will you help with future reunions by maintaining your own Facebook page and visiting the Class of 2018 page at least once a year? *
How often do you wish to have a class reunion? *
Would you return for an athletic event reunion in 5 years (2023)? Example: home football game *
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