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Online Career Counselling Cell
AMP endeavors to be a torch-bearer to help and guide people from the darkness of ignorance towards the light of knowledge, for it is knowledge which enlightens lives.

AMP invites experts from various streams who can act as counselors/career guides, can attend queries, as and when they come up, regarding career guidance. These willing volunteers are asked to devote time from their busy schedule to help provide guidance to those who seek help and counselling. We aim to make this an online system wherein students would be calling you during the timings specified by you to gain information and guidance.

This may be in terms of general counselling regarding career where we seek support from professional counselors or with respect to guidance in specific career fields like engineering, medical, etc and its various branches. One may not necessarily hold a qualified degree in professional counselling but if you have the requisite correct knowledge and the zest to help others you are welcome to join hands with us.

We look forward reaching out to the students from all over the country. To achieve this, AMP looks forward to Samaritans such as your good self to support us and make this endeavor a great success.

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About AMP
Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP), registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 of India (Reg. No. 2011 G. B. B. S. D 3001). AMP has its active presence in more than 80 cities in 22 states across India; it strives for the intellectual and economic empowerment of the Muslim youth in India through guidance in education and employment support. This NGO is run by working professionals like you and me, who wholeheartedly take full responsibility of the tasks/projects assigned and ensure their completion with a sense of ownership.

Join the Noble cause to help the community to move a step towards fulfillment.

If AMP work coincides with your beliefs then get to know more about it from or join us on

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