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Summer Reading Fiction Form Grade 7
When answering questions, you MUST answer sections A and B for each question (if there are two parts) to receive credit.
*Incoming 7th and 8th graders must answer 5 of the 7 fiction OR non-fiction questions
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1A.) Define what a theme is.
1B.) What specific theme(s) did the author emphasize throughout the novel? In other words,what do you think he or she was trying to get across to the reader?
2A.) What are the major conflicts in the story?
2B.) How would you have reacted if you found yourself in the same or similar situation? Explain.
3A.) How do characters change, grow or evolve throughout the course of the story?
3B.) What caused that change?
4A.) What character did you relate to the most in the book?
4B.) What was it about them that you connected with?
5A.) Select an important quote from the text (this does not need to be something that someone says) and type it here with the page number.
5B.) Explain why you thought this was an important quote in relation to the story.
6A.) Describe the setting of the story.
6B.) What made the setting unique or important? In other words, could the story have taken place anywhere?
7A.) Would you recommend this novel? Explain.
7B.) Who would most enjoy reading this novel?
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