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Application to Present at the 2019 Oregon Fringe Festival, April 23-28 in Ashland, OR
**Please read thoroughly before completing this application**

The 2019 Oregon Fringe Festival (OFF) will take place from Tuesday, April 23 – Sunday, April 28, 2019 in Ashland, Oregon.

*The Application Deadline is Sunday, December 16th at 12:00 AM. Late submissions will not be read.*

*Important changes for the 2019 OFF*
• Performing artists will be expected to provide multiple performances of their work.
• Venues will be discussed with applicants after approval and a meeting with the OFF Production Team.

What is the Oregon Fringe Festival?
In its sixth year of existence, the Oregon Fringe Festival (OFF) joins an international arts festival movement celebrating a 70-year history of creating space for unconventional artists and audiences.

The mission of the OFF is to cultivate community through the creative arts. By providing a platform for the free expression of self and speech, we work to create an inclusive and tolerant space for education and nourishing open perspectives.

Each year, we showcase several artistic mediums and disciplines: music, visual art, theatre and physical theatre, movement and dance, as well as creative writing and spoken word. And, we’re always looking to expand! Please apply with your film, sound installation, etc... anything goes at the OFF and we welcome everyone to present!

Who can apply to the OFF?
Anyone and everyone! We've hosted artists from all different stages and walks of life, from first-time playwrights and poets to seasoned, Grammy-award winners and professional actors. The OFF is a fantastic opportunity to present your creative work to a diverse audience of attendees and fellow-presenters.

Where do OFF artists present their work?
The work of our contributing artists is typically unconventional as are the spaces we provide to showcase it for an audience. Each space has a lot of different capacities. Venues in the past have included anything from large meeting rooms or the shores of a nearby lake to industrial sculpting/painting studios, parks, and even street corners... and everything in between! We're also excited to announce this year that we've begun building relationships with local businesses to host OFF events—more to come there.

The Application Process

Applications to the Oregon Fringe Festival (OFF) are reviewed and selected by the Festival Curator and a group of Southern Oregon University students from the Theatre, Music, Visual Arts, and Emerging Media & Digital Arts departments to ensure a diversity of work across disciplines that fit the mission of Oregon Fringe.

In order to eliminate any and all biases, this application will remain anonymous until approved. Once approved, the applicant will meet with the OFF staff in-person or over the phone to discuss the next step and responsibilities of the artist in producing the content.

Please be encouraged to know that we at the OFF truly want to approve your application! If needed, we will reach out to ask for more information and provide an opportunity for you to better clarify sections of your application before we decide whether or not the project will be at the festival.

If you intend to submit multiple applications, you will need to submit them separately. A single application is required for group submissions.

*The Application Deadline is Sunday, December 16th at 12:00 AM. Late submissions will not be read.*

Responsibilities of the Applicant

The Oregon Fringe Festival is not producing your work for you. We are offering a space and context within which to present your work.

Performers: If selected to present, please be prepared to explain how you intend to fully complete your project, including but not limited to when you intend to cast, how you will enlist a crew, your tech needs, how you'll work with the OFF on your PR and marketing, etc.

Questions? Feel free to email your query to or visit

Please check to be sure your application is complete and detailed before submitting.

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The Oregon Fringe Festival producers want to provide every presenter with the support needed for their projects to be successful. In order to provide the best possible support, the OFF team will require applicants to meet with them and discuss their project once their application has been reviewed. Please check the box below to confirm you are aware of this requirement. *
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