Express Your Support for the People of Israel


Hundreds of rockets, missiles, roadside bombs, and terror attacks have taken many lives, injured even more, terrorized hundreds of thousands, and destroyed property. Now is the time to show your love and concern for the people of Israel by signing on to the letter below, which will be sent to Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Peres and to the mayors of the Israeli cities under fire.

Organizations are also invited to join the Conference of Presidents as sponsors and will be so listed. Organizations and individuals are asked to immediately distribute this to their own lists linking to this site so the letter can be forwarded to Israel’s leaders as quickly as possible.

Dear Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres:

We, the undersigned, express our support and solidarity for the people of the State of Israel as you once again face the dangers of missile and terror attacks. We especially wish to convey our concern to the residents in the south of Israel who are in range of the ever more sophisticated rockets and missiles launched from Gaza. We ask that you convey our condolences to the families of those who lost their lives and our prayers for those who were wounded in the recent terror attacks.

We support the Israeli government taking the necessary steps to protect the citizens of Israel and to prevent their further endangerment. That hundreds of thousands of innocent people should have to live under constant threat, which itself takes a heavy toll especially on the young, is something no country could accept. We note that despite the great restraint Israel has demonstrated, the media often fails to distinguish the attackers from the victims and equates the responsibility of both sides. We regret that too many in the international community remained silent in the face of the escalating attacks. But we will speak out!

We pledge our continued and unwavering support for all the people of Israel.


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