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Register for Reproductive Freedom Lobby Day!
WHEN: Wednesday, February 19
WHERE: Minnesota State Capitol
WHY: Because reproductive freedom is under attack and we've got to shut this shit down.

Anti-abortion extremists are working everywhere to limit reproductive freedom and ban abortion -- and it’s not just happening in places like Alabama and Georgia. It's happening right here in Minnesota tool. In fact, since 1995, more than 400 anti-abortion bills have been introduced in the Minnesota State legislature.

So this month, we're getting together with more than a dozen pro-choice organizations to make sure our message his heard -- and we're taking it to the Capitol.

On Lobby Day, attendees will:

1. Be trained on: Lobby Day 101, Reproductive Freedom legislative agenda, messaging on reproductive freedom

2. Attend an appointment with legislators (yes, we'll make your appointment for you!)

3. Receive a free t-shirt (to be worn at the Reproductive Freedom Rally that afternoon)

4. Get a free lunch

5. Have the chance to attend a post-rally happy hour

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