Pittsburgh Land Bank Board Member Nomination Form
The Land Bank is looking for a new board member and we need your help!

The mission of the Pittsburgh Land Bank is to return unproductive real property to beneficial reuse, through an equitable, transparent, and public process, revitalize neighborhoods to strengthen the City’s tax base and support socially and economically diverse communities.

The Board of Directors of the Pittsburgh Land Bank understand and accept the value of diversity. We are committed to ensure that communities affected by unproductive land have substantial and meaningful involvement in Land Bank decisions and strongly inform the governance, structure, and operations of the Pittsburgh Land Bank. The new board Member will fill a community representative seat on the Board and be formally elected by the presently seated Board of Directors.

Please nominate someone to help us advance our mission. Completion of the form takes less than 10 minutes. There is no limit to the number of nominations any one person can make. Self-nominations are accepted.

Qualified candidates must fit the following criteria:
-Live in one of the City of Pittsburgh's City Council Districts 5, 7, or 8; and
-Have expertise in community development, community engagement, and/or community organizing.

General Timeline (subject to change):
*Nominations are due by April 5th, 2018.
*Interviews will be conducted in early April 2018.
*The PLB will vote on the new member at or by the May 11th Board Meeting.

-Email us at pghlandbank@gmail.com
-Visit our website at http://pghlandbank.org/
-Follow us on Twitter @landbankpgh

Disclaimer: The Pittsburgh Land Bank Board reserves the right to elect a board member not identified through this outreach initiative.

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Candidate must reside in one of the City of Pittsburgh City Council District 5 , 7, or 8. Searchable map: http://gis.pittsburghpa.gov/pghcouncil/
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This response should help us understand how the candidate can serve the Land Bank. Highlight expertise and accomplishments to demonstrate the candidate's fitness for the role.
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Name and Contact information are only for Nomination Committee follow-up purposes, if necessary.
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I hereby understand the Pittsburgh Land Bank Board reserves the right to elect a board member not identified through this outreach initiative.

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