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Feedback on a new product
Hello! I'm currently building a new product through my business, Plot Duckies, and would love your feedback!

This product would be a "Novel writing kit" - everything you need to get you through writing your novel. Think about what you'd want If you were going to order such a product and complete the 9 questions below:

1. What are your biggest challenges as a writer?
Your answer
2. How would you characterize yourself as a writer?
3. What items would you see included in the box (Please check all that apply)
4. What writing books should be included in this novel in a box?
Your answer
5. Would you consider purchasing additional items to add to the box, for an additional purchase (such as a handcrafted pen by the Ornatelier)?
Your answer
6. What product name do you like the best?
7. What kind of online options should be included?
8. If you had these options available, what is the most you'd pay for the box?
9. Would you see this as a one time box, or would you want something like a monthly subscription? (aka: Hello Fresh for writers - without all the ice packs!)
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