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BeautyMaker Singapore Reseller Agent or Partnership

Dear Sir/Madam,
Thank you for your interests for wholesales/distributorship/partnership of our brand.
In order to initiate an interactive partnership, there are a few questions as below and we hope you can kindly assist us in answering. Thanks a lot.

公司名稱 / Name of Your Company *
聯絡人姓名 / Name of The Contact Person *
聯絡電話 / Phone Number
電子郵件信箱 / E-Mail *
国家 / Country *
請問您想詢問哪方面的業務? / What kind of business would you like to inquire? *
請簡單介紹您的公司 / A brief introduction of your company profile please. *
請提供貴公司的相關簡報資訊讓我們了解,可透過雲端分享 / Please send us your company profile in detail that we can know more about you. And welcome you to share the information with us via the cloud. (If any) *
請問您目前有的銷售通路為何? 如為網路通路,請提供網站連結參考;如為實體店面,請列出間數和所在地區 / What are your major sales channels? If it is online shop, please provide the link of your website. If it is physical store, please provide the location(s). *
請問您預計欲訂購的產品品項有哪些? / What is the item you would like to purchase from us? *
請問您还有其他的问题吗? / Do you have any other questions?
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