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2018 Road Trip Campaign - Stickers
Since 2013, the Wyoming Office of Tourism’s (WOT) Road Trip campaign has been highlighting destinations and unique experiences throughout the state. It’s a playful and exciting way to engage both visitors and locals. The Road Trip campaign will again offer several opportunities for involvement from destinations and attractions throughout the state. It’s an initiative that truly enables you to choose how your destination or attraction can participate and join the fun.

Partnership Opportunities:


If approved, partners have the opportunity to offer promotional stickers at one or more visitor centers or distribution points in the region.

Who can be an “Approved” visitor center? Any local government, state or federal entity, such as a national park, state park, chamber office, welcome center, non-profit or museum. Additionally, these partners must own or operate at least one visitor center which is open 7 days a week with operating hours of at least 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. on weekdays and 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. on weekends.


This is your chance to showcase original stickers for your destination! These stickers can be used in your own marketing initiatives and will be used on the website. If you choose to print stickers with the artwork purchased, they are also eligible to be distributed at all state-run visitor centers.

Details: A standard partner rate has been negotiated to create unique artwork in the theme of this campaign. The cost includes unlimited use of the artwork. The destination/community will work with BVK to create their sticker artwork. WOT will work with you to ensure brand and campaign consistency. In addition, WOT can use these stickers on the tourism website and for any future state marketing efforts. Dual rights will be maintained by both the organization purchasing the sticker and WOT.

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