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In order to sign-up, please complete the following form and once you have read the
statements beneath and the linked policies, please tick at the bottom of the form to indicate your agreement and submit.
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Please read the following statements and tick at the bottom of the form before submitting to state your agreement

(A–F are for ALL volunteers; G–L apply to volunteer drivers only)

A. I agree to allow to hold the information provided on this form and on any subsequent update sheets signed by me, both as hard printed copies and in electronic form, and to allow the sharing of this information with other volunteers as necessary for the efficient running of the organisation (but not the sharing of this information with individuals or organisations without my express written permission).

B. I agree to allow personnel to contact me in my identified role(s) within the organisation, or my identified emergency contact as deemed necessary by them, by means of any of the contact details I provide.

C. I declare that all the information provided on this form is true and correct to my best knowledge, that I have not failed to disclose any information which might be of importance to in deciding whether to accept me in the intended role(s) identified on this form, and that I agree to provide updated information to if any of the provided details subsequently change, within one month of those changes.

D. I confirm that I will follow the instructions I will be given on how to carry out my volunteering role with and understand that I can ask questions if I am unsure about any aspect of my role.

E. While acting as a volunteer, I will be aware of, and act in accordance with, any recommended government public health guidelines.

F. I will use social media responsibly and understand that defines clear expectations in the Social Media Policy regarding social media use whilst volunteering for, and therefore representing, the charity.

G. I confirm that I have read the Lifting Guidance Leaflet and agree to follow the guidance given within. I confirm that I will leave food behind or seek help from supermarket employees or partner-organisation volunteers rather than lift items that are too heavy, bulky or awkward to manage. I will report any health and safety concerns as described in the Health and Safety Policy to an appropriate person (i.e. a coordinator or trustee via my WhatsApp
communication channel, or a trustee via

H. I understand that driving safely and parking appropriately while volunteering for are my responsibility, as is ensuring that I have a valid driving licence, a valid MOT certificate and personal car insurance that covers me at all times while acting as a volunteer.

I. I understand that does not expect me to proceed with a food collection/delivery if I am uncomfortable about any aspect of the process or feel I might be putting myself at risk (travel conditions, Covid infection risk, etc).

J. I will not deliver food to a partner organisation that I can see that is beyond the USE BY date (NOTE: it's okay to deliver food beyond the BEST BEFORE date).
If I have any concerns over the safety or quality of the food, I will advise the supermarket, a coordinator and the partner organisation, and will work to ensure that it is disposed of appropriately.

K. I understand that all food collector volunteers must be 18 year old or over (students under 18 years old can help as part of a recognised scheme, such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award, but must be accompanied on a 1:1 basis by a parent/carer at all times). I understand that any person or people who are not volunteers and who accompany me while I am volunteering for are my responsibility.

L. In the unlikely event that I am left with excess surplus food at the end of volunteering (because a partner organisation is unwilling or unable to take it), I confirm that I will dispose of the food appropriately or put it to good use elsewhere.
Personal data will only be collected by lawful and fair means and with the knowledge or consent of the individual concerns. The charity will only process your personal information for administrative purposes and will communicate with you to keep you informed about anything that is relevant to volunteers, e.g. available collection slots, new volunteering opportunities, changes to our current operations, etc. will never sell any data to a third party and will safely destroy your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy — please refer to our Privacy Policy to find out more about your rights.

For further information about the role of a food collector, please refer to the Food Collector Role Description document.

If you have any questions please contact us via
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