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Training on Project Planning on September 19-22, 2017 in Murree/Islamabad
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What type of organization do you work in ?
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How would you categorize your organization's size ?
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What is the nature of work of your organization ?
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How many offices does your organization have in the country ? [No's]
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What are your responsibilities at work ?
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How long has your organization been operating ? [Years]
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Is your organization willing to cover for your travel and training expenses ?
Do you want the organizer to arrange for your accommodation in Murree?
This training will be successful if...
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B1. Has your organization ever been part of a training programme on project planning
B2. Mark the tools that are used to ensure effective project planning in your organization.
B3. Mark the gender mainstreaming techniques that are usually used in project planning in your organization.
B4. Assess the skills of your organization in developing comprehensive budgets and M&E plans on the scale from 1 to 5, being excellent and 5 being unsatisfactory
B5. What are the current challenges your organization faces in comprehensive and realistic project planning? Assess on the scale please.
Very High
Very Low
Lack of required knowledge and institutional interest
Lack of required skills and human resource
Lack of guidance material e.g. templates, formats etc.
Project/Donor specific compliance requirements
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