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Profit projection (Still imagery Only)
Hi every one.
This form will take you just a couple of minutes or less.

I'm trying to develop a profit projection according to some variables such as time you've spent as contributor, amount of images you have in your portfolio and your main style. As you can see I won't ask any personal information, so this will keep you totally anonymous.

If this work I promisse you I'll explain the way this work and will teach you how to do this by your own for you to know your profits projection based on your own data.

I really appreciate your help


Francisco J Ramos Gallego

Which is the first microstock website where you upload your pictures.
When when was your very firs sale? *
You may find this info in the app. Go to your earnings tab and scroll until the begining of the times :)
How many images (pictures/vectors/illustrations) do you have in your portfolio to date (In this very moment)? *
You can find this in your Shutterstock app. Just tap on the more... tab and the first line will show you how many images you have in this moment.
Your answer
What is your images (pictures/vectors/illustrations) total earnings to date (Since you became a contributor unti this very moment)? *
You may use a whole number, try it to be the most approximated. Please do not take into account videos.
Your answer
Which is your main photo style? *
According to the things you usually shoot
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