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Fearless Survey
This survey is designed to check where we are as a body now so after we're healed and have worked through our stuff over the next few weeks, we can celebrate when we take this again!
I have experienced the New Birth of water baptism in Jesus name for the remission of ALL my sins and have been filled with the Holy Ghost--God's Spirit resides in me!
I feel that I hear the still, small voice of the Lord
I feel that something is blocking me from God's presence and or voice.
I hear about shame but...
When I think about personally presenting the gospel to someone or praying for someone outside of the church walls, I feel that...
I have unresolved issues that I can't seem to get past and those issues make me feel unsuccessful in the kingdom of God.
Every day, I am plagued with feelings of extreme regret or embarrassment of my past, or even present stuff.
I hear people talk about being free in Jesus but I'm not sure I've experienced that freedom.
I want to believe in my experience of the New Birth but I seem to have so many doubts
I condemn myself on a regular basis with words like you're not good enough...if people only knew who you really were...Jesus hasn't really forgiven your sins...Jesus doesn't really love...I am unworthy and cannot seem to do enough to please God or other people...
I can truly say that I love myself and can say that I live my life as an open book--not concerned who knows what about me or my past.
I am fearful of...
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