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Club #Whatever DJ Application
So you want to join the #Whatever family? This means you are a DJ with personality and charisma, interested in working for a unique place focused on having fun in a laid back environment and making our guests feel like VIP and wanting to come back for more.

Please take you time and fill out all of the questions below to help us to get an idea of who you are and what your about

We are looking for DJ's to cover a range of shifts...from all different time zones. Flexibility in hours is a plus. We need team players that can cover shifts.

We are also an adult club with strippers and we have a poster for "Strip the DJ." Stating, when the DJ hits the 1000L mark, he goes topless and at 2000L he is naked.
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What unique quality would you be able to bring to the club? *
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After we review your application, please be prepared for an audition demo. Auditions usually last about 30 minutes. During the audition you will be expected to speak well, demonstrate your ability to segue smoothly between songs, and to show that you are capable of providing a professional polished show.

Thank you for taking the time to complete our application. We wish you every success in joining our team.
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