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Pocket Spacecraft: Mission to the Moon survey
Thank you for backing Pocket Spacecraft: Mission to the Moon on Kickstarter!

To help us deliver your reward, we need some information to help us with logistics and planning. Only answers to the first three questions are required, answers to the rest are optional but would help us a lot.

If you have any questions, please email

Thank you for supporting Pocket Spacecraft!
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We need this to send you electronic rewards such as eBook PDFs and to pass on to the British Interplanetary Society so they can send you your membership details.
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We need this to help plan shipping of physical rewards and public mission control venues.
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Optional questions
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Why have you backed Pocket Spacecraft: Mission to the Moon?
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Did you back the project to receive the reward yourself and/or as a gift for someone else?
Is there any type of reward or information about the project you would like us to make available that isn't mentioned in the Kickstarter text?
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