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New Dawn Charter High School - II - Queens - Bullying Incident Form
New Dawn Charter High School is committed to providing a safe environment to all members of our community.
Despite our best intentions, incidents between students do occur at times. If you wish to report an incident, complete this form and return it to the building Dignity Act Coordinator. Feel free to contact the Dignity Act Coordinator for
additional information or assistance at any time. This form can be completed anonymously by omitting the signature and name. Every reported act of bullying will be investigated. Parents of targets and aggressors will be contacted in cases of confirmed bullying.

Bullying (defined): “Bullying” is a form of harassment that consists of inappropriate and often persistent behavior including threats or intimidation of others, treating others cruelly, terrorizing, coercing, or habitual put-downs and or badgering of others. Bullying occurs when someone purposely says or does mean or hurtful things to another person who has a hard time defending oneself or is in an otherwise vulnerable position.
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Please check "Anonymous" if you do not wish to provide your name and information and proceed with the report. Otherwise, provide your name and contact information below. This information will only be available to school officials that are conducting the investigation.
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