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Application Form - 2023 New Canaan Land Trust Summer Steward Internship
Are you ready for a professional and educational internship experience that will teach you valuable outdoor skills, introduce you to a wide variety of environmental fields and career paths, and enable you to care for the land in your community? Use this form to apply to the New Canaan Land Trust's Summer Steward Internship today!

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Help Us Learn About You
We seek interns who are eager learn and grow by challenging themselves and making the most of this incredible opportunity. Having outdoor skills or previous work experience is not a requirement for this internship, but may be helpful in demonstrating your interest in this type of work. The following questions will help us determine if you are the right fit for this internship, and should also help you to determine if the internship is the right fit for you.
What does environmental stewardship mean to you, and why do you feel it is important? *
What part of this internship are you most excited by or interested in? What part of this internship are you concerned about? *
Please list and provide a brief description about any relevant experiences you have had. This can include anything - hiking, gardening, volunteering, scouting, previous jobs, club involvement, etc. *
This internship involves a significant amount of manual labor: please provide an example of any labor you’ve done, and how you keep productive and focused even when you are tired or lose interest in the project. *
Please share an example of a difficult or unpleasant task/chore that you have to do regularly, and how you motivate yourself to get through it. *
What are five environmental topics and/or careers that you are interested in learning more about? *
During the course of this internship, you will have the opportunity to meet with professionals working in the environmental field in Fairfield and Westchester counties. How would you make the most of these networking opportunities? *
How do you interact with new people? What are some ways you will contribute to a positive group dynamic? *
Selecting an Internship Session
Each internship session is 3 weeks long, and work hours are Monday through Friday, from 9am to 3pm. We seek interns who are able to participate in the entire internship session, and who will make the most of their time with the New Canaan Land Trust.
Preferred Internship Session *
I understand that as a participant of the internship program, I am expected to arrive on time every day; to participate in all projects and activities with a good attitude and to the best of my ability; to treat my peers and supervisors with respect; to build camaraderie among the crew, and; to engage meaningfully with my fellow interns, guest speakers, guides, and hosts. *
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