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Online Registration Form for 2019 Economics Tuition Class (Economics at TuitionGenius)
Please read through the instructions stated for a smooth registration process.

Note: You may want to copy and paste the following steps onto a Word document while going through the registration process for reference!

Step 1: Registration Paperwork
1a. Decide on whether you would like to go for Monthly Billing or Term Billing & the class you would like to register for.
(for monthly billing, we will bill you based on the number of lessons in each month, while for term billing we will bill you based on the number of lessons in each term. our terms are from Jan - Mar, Apr - Jun, July - Sep, Oct - Dec)
there is a slight discount for paying on a term basis.
1b. Fill up our online registration form below

After you have completed the online registration form proceed to Step 2

Step 2: Invoicing & Payment
2a. Understand our fee structure here -->
for ONLINE payment by Credit Card or PayPal -->
(Select Add to Cart --> View Cart --> Checkout with PayPal)
for iBanking/ATM/Bank Transfer --> Pay to OCBC Current Account 686-476078-001 (Payee: Economics at Tuitiongenius Pte Ltd)
for PayNOW --> UEN 201412435Z
Please kindly drop JingYong a WhatsApp message at 91290685 after payment has been made.
2b. Invoicing - We will send you an invoice within the next 2 days for payment of your 2 lesson deposit + your first month / term's course fees.

After you have made the initial fee payment, proceed to Step 3

Step 3: Terms & Conditions
3a. Read through our terms & conditions here -->
3b. Our administrator will be going through the terms & conditions once with you on your first lesson

We will be in touch within the next 2 days to complete your registration!

HELP: I prefer to do the above "offline".
No problem, drop us a WhatsApp at 8182-3035 and we will have our administrator assist you through the process

Personal Data Protection
Please read the Data Protection Notice here -->

By signing up economics tuition services, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the [above Data Protection Notice], and consent to the collection, use and disclosure of my personal data by [Economics at Tuitiongenius Pte Ltd] for the purposes set out in the Notice.

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Which class would you like to register for 2019? *
How did you get to know about us? (Tick all that apply)
I would like access to the Online Learning Management System (LMS) with supplementary resources, assignments (with online grading/ feedback) and live-streaming of lessons at an additional $50 per month. (Refer to *
Do you prefer monthly billing or term (quarterly) billing? Monthly billing is based on (JC1: $350/ 4 lessons & JC2: $380/ 4 lessons) while term billing is based on (JC1: $960/12 lessons & JC2: $1050/12 lessons), pro-rated to the number of lessons in a month or quarter. There are typically 14-17 lessons in a quarter.
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