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Thank you for taking part in Peterloo 2019. To help better understand people’s experiences and to report back to our funders and supporters we invite you to complete this survey. It will help us to improve our future events and year-long programme. Your feedback is very important to us.


 Please complete one survey PER EVENT you attend.

 Please complete a survey each time, even if on the same day.

 It takes just 2-3 minutes to complete.

 It’s best to fill it in towards the end of the event before your thoughts are forgotten.

 Please give honest responses. We need to know what does or doesn’t work.

Event title
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Event venue/location
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Event date
What if anything will you do differently as a result of this event?
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What was it about this event that made you want to come?
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What three words best describe how you felt about it?
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Have you been to a Peterloo 2019 event before?
Did you know this event is part of a Manchester Histories project?
If yes - have you been involved in a Manchester Histories project in previous years?
Based on your experience here, how likely are you to come to other Manchester Histories events, on a scale of 1 (not at all) to 10 (absolutely)?
Any other comments about this event?
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How did you hear about this event?
Who are you here with?
How many people in your group are aged:
How would you describe your gender?
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What is your ethnicity?
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Tick the option which best describes where you live
What is your full post code?
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Do you have a disability or condition which affects daily life?
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