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Role of networks in SDGs implementation
RCEs involvement with SDGs
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1. Where is your RCE located?
2. What is your affiliated organization?
3. Thematic focus of your RCE  belongs to? (subdivision of the Goals according to the UNSSC list of Goals in questions 6)
4. Based on your opinion to what extend is your RCE involved with SDGs?  
Not involved
Strongly involved
Clear selection
5. Do you deal with ?  
 6. Please select which specific Goals
7. Do you work with specific targets and indicators? If yes, please name from the list There are 161 targets and 244 indicators approved  (232, + 9 indicators repeat under 2 or 3 targets), classified into Tier I,II,III, on the basis of their level of methodological development and the availability of data at the global level.
8. Please select which of SDG 4 targets you work with? (4.1-4.7 outcome targets, 4a. 4b.4c means of implementation)
9. Is your RCE involved in?
10. In how many projects or actions according to questions 9?
11. With how many partners for each project or action according to question 9? (Please mention the type of partner organizations if possible)
12. What kind of collaboration?
13. In the light of 2030 Agenda, will your RCE undertake changes as?  
14. Are your affiliated organization or partners organizations independently involved in SDGs?
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