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FoOT Membership Commitment For 2020/2021
FoOT is organized exclusively to provide assistance for the maintenance, enhancement, and use of the Ouachita Trail & the Womble Trail.

1.  Membership in FoOT is offered to those who provide a minimum of 10 hours of trail maintenance in one or
more of the categories:
o Maintain a section of trail through TRAIL ADOPTION PROGRAM
o Participate in special trail maintenance events
o Assist others with their adopted sections
o Participate with an Organization that maintains membership in FoOT
o Participate in approved activities that support the MISSION STATEMENT of FoOT
2.  Membership in FoOT is offered to those who make a financial contribution to FoOT :
o Make a minimum annual membership donation [ $25.00]
o Make a minimum contribution to Trail Adoption Investment Plan [ADOPT-A-MILE] [$300]
o Has made a financial commitment to the FoOT Legacy Endowment
o Make a donation toward specific materials/projects (greater than $25.00)
o Has made a significant financial donation towards a  specific project [greater than $300]

PLEASE MAIL all donations and membership funds to the following address: Friends of the Ouachita Trail, PO Box 8630, Hot Springs, AR 71910.
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Please choose one or more categories of membership that work best for you for the 2020-2021 Membership Commitment Period (October 1, 2020 - September 30, 2021). *
If you have adopted a trail section, please enter the trail name and mile markers. For example, Womble Trail, mm 10.0 - 16.1
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